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Gyakuten Podfic

OMG long podfic.


Klavier and Guitar

OMG long podfic.

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marvel - purple barton
Story Title: Phractured Phairytales (1/?)
Rating: PG
Author: Anonymous
Narrator: sabinelagrande
Summary: It's not quite Beauty, and it isn't really the Beast.
Format: mp3
Filesize: 6.48 mb
File Length: 7:05
Spoilers: Eh. None, really.

Get it here!

And may I recommend the superb (and free) Audacity to anyone looking for an audio editor?
  • That was nice~ Hehe, it felt like you were readng a bedtime story to me... helps that I was snuggled up under the covers while I was listening, too. X3

    You have a nice voice, and the quiet of it does give the impression of a bedtime story (and trying to lull Pearly to sleep, hee!)
    • I definitely was going for the bedtime story feeling. I'm glad you liked it!
      • Yeah, I had my eyes closed and was curled up in bed listening... of course, I couldn't fall asleep cause I had to put the laptop away eventually, but the feeling was there ^_^
  • Wow, really bedtimestory-ish and very nice voice too. Good job...

    I´m using Audacity for AMV purposes, but it can come in pretty handy for podfics too... So I can only recommend it myself ^^
  • It's really soothing listening to you! I think I will be listening to it when I go to high school on the morning, when I'm not totally fully awake. It will be perfectly fitting =D Thank you for this!

    Oh, and thanks for the advice of using Audacity! Using it right now~ (Yeeah, now I can fail on speaking a word, and erase it later!)
    • Audio editing is my savior. I can cough, or breathe on the mic, or just trail off and talk to myself for a minute, all without screwing up a seven minute recording!
  • i've been maintaining a podfic archive here and i would really like to mirror and include your recordings. what do you think?
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