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Gyakuten Podfic

24-Hour Objections On-the-Go!

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Hihi, and welcome to Gyakuten_Podfic! I'm your lovely mod, someidiot, it's a pleasure.

What's a podfic, you ask? Well, it's any fic you want, provided it's saved as a sound file. Podfics are narrations of fanfics, to be downloaded onto one's mp3 player (or burned onto CD!) and listened to on-the-go. I created this community after stumbling onto house_podfic and was suddenly INSPIRED.

How do you do it? Well, first, figure out how your microphone works. Then find a fic you want to read -- you can narrate one you wrote yourself, or you can find one on the vast interwebs (Be sure to ask the author's permission BEFORE recording it!). If you can't find anything, be sure to check out the Request Thread.

Next, record it and upload it somewhere (perhaps Yousendit or Megaupload) and post it up here with the followng label:

Story Title:
Narrator: (Combine with Author if it's a story you wrote)
Format: (mp3, wma, m4a, etc)
Filesize: (So the 56kers know what they're in for)
File Length: (Minutes and seconds, 00:00 format)
Spoilers: (AA, JFA, T&T, AJ)

Lastly, be sure to tag your post as follows: Tag the Author's Name, the Narrator's Name, and the Character(s) involved. That way, people can easily search for characters by tag. n_n

And that's it. Enjoy ^_~ Any questions? Just mosey on over to the Questions Thread and I'll clear up your confusion best I can.