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Klavier and Guitar

You asked for it

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Miles Franziska
Story Title: Phoenix´ Failure
Rating: >_<
Author: Wingless (I hope you get an LJ soon)
Narrator: ayanako
Summary: Just a short monologue
Original fic: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fanfiction/autor/214506/145725/365406/html/
Format: MP3
Filesize: 1,45 mb
File Length: 02:03
Spoilers: Nawww, I don´t think so ^^°

Megaupload Link <- It´s german, perhaps I´ll translate but just if I feel like it... (which means never)

Just a little note to prevent confusion (though I´m not sure if it IS confusing, I would be confused): This story has NOTHING to do with Klavier Gavin, whoever gave him that name should rot in hell... I´m talking about a piano here XDDD I mean, what kinda parents would name their kid "Klavier", that´s so stupid... Okay, now I think everyone is even more confused that without this note X_X I´ll shut up now...

Danke Wingless für die Erlaubnis, schreib doch bitte mehr 8D Und sei nicht zu enttäuscht...
  • I can't really judge on language or inflection or... well, much of anything XD; BUT. I really like your voice, and I think it sounds so cool to hear you speak German so quickly :D

    I totally babelfish'd the original fic, too. It was a good choice, even if the version I read was in mangled English :3
    • Quick? Haha, I speak MUCH quicker in real life... But thank you... My voice is a bit to high pitched, I think, it´s impossible to sing with that voice (I really like to sing), which kinda sucks, so I´m very happy I finally can put my voice to good use ^^

      Wingless said that this whole podfic thing motivates her to write more X3 Perhaps we can spread the PW love more in germany that way... I really hope so...
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