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Gyakuten Podfic

Since it's been a bit dead around here... OK only 3 days, but STILL XD


Klavier and Guitar

Since it's been a bit dead around here... OK only 3 days, but STILL XD

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EDIT: Right, someone came up with the splendiferous (XDDD) idea of general GS podcast. With, you know, a few DJ presenter type people talking about news and ships or characters- whatever, and some podfic, sketches, etc. Anyone else like that as well?

EDIT: OK, I found a site that does all the coding for a podcast for you, for free! So it would be easy to get it all up and running~!

Hmm. You know, I was thinking (oh god, dangerous I know!), podfic is so named after podcasts, amirite? Well... is there any reason we couldn't have an ACTUAL podcast? One that is listed and automatically updates and suchlike? As in, two or three people maybe send in stories each two weeks, perhaps on a rota system. Then, they get spliced together (with maybe an intro or two) into the whole thing, and then uploaded. Then, anyone with itunes could just... get them automatically. PLUS there would be the motivation to keep doing this. Since, as I said, it's kind of faded a bit in the last few days ;_;

Obstacles would obviously be that you'd have to get enough fic. (Maybe some people would let us do any of their fic? I keep meaning to put it on my fic author's notes, that all my fic is open for this stuff.) As well as the fact I'm not actually sure how to make a podcast; well, I have a general idea, and I'm aware it requires a decent bit of knowledge of computers and some webspace and stuff. But whatever, let's be optimistic! I'm sure if I can make an online radio station I can manage a podcast (I mean the radio station took a while yeah but forget that XD)

Now, am I insane or does anyone else even slightly like the idea? =) I figured I'd post it up to see if anyone liked it. Sorry if it's a bit presumptuous XDD;;;
  • Okay, call me stupid if you want, but I actually had to look this up on Wiki XD And I´m still not sure if I really understand it, but I think I got the basics and everything that keeps up the motivation would be very appreciated on my part ^^ But I seriously don´t understand HOW this works... I found a german Podcast Wiki, but I don´t know if it would be of any help, since I don´t really understand what they´re talking about o_ó

    Okay, you successfully distracted me again, I have a german story to narrate... Other than that, I think you can tell that I kinda like the idea ^^
    • I found a site that codes it for you now =D You just upload the file and they host it, write the RSS file and synchronises all the downloads for you, so that's one issue done!

      Basically a podcast is like a talkshow. You record a show, upload it, and then everyone who's subscribed automatically downloads it, so there's no chance of missing it. It also automatically uploads to any iPods if you have any. Does that make sense? =D

      Also, you found a German fic? That's so cool! =D
      • Yeah, that´s the basic I understand, however, I don´t have an iPod and I don´t plan to get one until my current mp3 Player is gone for good...

        I found one, but I still try to figure out how to make it louder without lots of noise... Perhaps I should get a better mike... Awww, screw it, I´ll leave it like that...
  • That'd be cool! But what if we stepped it up a notch -- how would a general Phoenix Wright podcast sound? We'd get a few DJs, and every week, record a show together... we could have podfic, and maybe a comedy segment (I dunno, mock trials or something?) Talk about PW and Capcom news... new stuff in the fandom...

    Wow, I think you're on to something <3
    • I did consider that, but I thought 'they'll all just think I'm insane!' XD I have to admit, it'd be cool to have something like that. And omg, mock trials? XDD Do want! I love when people do those!

      Maybe even ship debates or stuff like that (god knows people debate the things enough...)

    • Oooh, and another thing; on the DJ thing. If while recording they had Skype, too, then you could record your reactions to what they were recording... sort of like a chat log, but for Skype. So it would be a bit more interesting, maybe?
  • I would totally be up for helping out...

    ..but I'm moving across the country on Tuesday and will have no internet. Maybe when I get back?
    • This probably won't start up for a good while yet, worry not =) If you do help when you get back, would be awesome! <3
      • Well, if you're at it in April, I'll be happy to pitch in!

        (As a former DJ IRL, I promise not to futz it up too much..)
  • I'm absolutely in love with this idea, and totally willing to help out, would it be a general one or not. <3 Really really in love. And really really willing to help. <3<3 Thank you for coming up with this idea and having posted it! (Insane? Oh, come on, we're all insane anyway, so why should it matter? =D )
    As for the lack of activity these last days, I'm sure the celebrations play some role in this ;) And well, personally, I have a comic to finish and it takes all my time - but I'm sure I'll find some time soon to spend some time here :)
    • Haha, I'm amazed at how many people seem to like the idea, though! I even posted a poll to make sure, but OK, apparantly either I'm sane [unlikely] or you're all as mental as me.

      And it's great that you're interested in helping! Any particular capacity you'd like to help in, or just a general interest? *hug* And yeah, I know, Christmas is a time sapper. =D And good luck with your comic and finishing it and all that jazz, too!
  • Like I said in gyakuten_saiban, I'm into it! :D And go ahead and use any of my fic you want, there are a bunch of little drabbley things in there (some of them aren't even porn! :B).
  • If you look on my LJ, there's a bunch of fics there that are free for anybody to read aloud if it so takes their fancy. :D And if anyone has a particular type of fic that they wish to read aloud, then I'd be happy to write it. <3
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