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Gyakuten Podfic

Story Title: First Time For Everything Rating: G Author: Ayries…


Klavier and Guitar

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Story Title: First Time For Everything
Rating: G
Author: Ayries
Narrator: Pyrasaur
Summary: Pearly hunts for the perfect Christmas present.
Format: MP3
Filesize: 1.6 MB
File Length: 1:43
Spoilers: None

Download First Time For Everything

Another rendition, just in case anyone's immune to alhia's cuteness somehow.

Story Title: Dark As Film
Rating: PG-13
Author/narrator: Pyrasaur
Summary: It was a quiet, lonely night in Detective Dick Gumshoe's office, but he didn't have to look for trouble, see -- trouble always found him. A parody.
Format: MP3
Filesize: 3.9 MB
File Length: 4:13
Spoilers: Some of the UST's crack, if you haven't played 3-4 and didn't pester Gumshoe enough during 1-2...?

Download Dark As Film

Weird, overdramatic film noire -- I couldn't resist trying it out aloud.
  • Ohmygoshhh~ Thanks so much for doing it as well! It was great, you got all of the little emaphasises (yay, made up word) and such just perfect. And you're voice is so... soothing? And and GAH <3 ThankyousoMUCH haha. And later on I'll listen to your other one, too... Because I LOVE that fic, haha.
    • Soothing, wow, there's a word I never thought would be applied to my voice. XD Glad to be of service!
  • Hee, it's weird hearing your voice narrate, I guess since I've hung out wiht you IRL. :p

    But I do love your tone as you narrate. ^^
  • i've been maintaining a podfic archive here and i would really like to mirror and include your recordings. what do you think?
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