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Frenchy podfic!

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Story Title: First time for everything
Rating: G
Author: Ayries (aprilechidna5)
Original Story: Here!
Narrator: alhia
Format: mp3
Filesize: 2,93Mo
File Length: 2:08
Spoilers: None

Beware : french teenager narrating, implying incorrect prononciation and intonation, and a veery low pace of talking.

Strangely, it seems way more agreeable and way less fishy if I raise my voice and increase the speed thanks to Audiocity (because I already raise my voice when speaking english ; low voices don't seem to fit the language?), so here is a modified version : Download modified version!
And, just for fun, a frenchy version, where I'm trying to imitate the average way of talking english in our french class - though I should, for that, speak ten times slower. Download frenchy version! (Oh, Ayries, if you think that's too much butchering, feel free to say and I'll remove it =D )

... You know, I guess even the modified version is horrible, but the worst in it is that ... I enjoy so so much narrating podfics =D I spent two mornings doing that only, whereas I have a comic to draw! Ah ah, I'm sure you'll often see me around. (I'm waiting for authorizations from authors right now.)
  • Your English is really interesting to listen to, do you speak it outside of class much? (I'm a Canadian with some French class history and a penchant for language, you see.)
    • No, not at all actually! Even in class, we don't speak much, in fact - and yet I'm in a special class where we have one hour of "European section" a week, which is precisely a class of english history in which both the teacher and us talk in english. And it's supposed to be a hour where we can "test out" our english, so that we dare talking aloud ... Because, in normal english lessons, we almost never speak. But this is only one hour a week, and each of us can only say a few sentences each time.

      And outside this class, er... Well, I watch movies, try to understand the radio and/or the TV in english when I have time (ie not often), but that's because I'm an english freak. I absolutely love this language. But nobody else would do that in my class. So, as for speaking ... No, I never speak english. (And the fact I barely made myself understood when I went to London where there are thousands of accents shows it well, I guess. Although my teacher told me that at least, I was understood in the end, and that it wouldn't have been the case with 80% of the students of my class. Great, ah ah.) Except if you count the fact I usually talk to myself in english something like 10mn per day (I-I find it fun.)

      Er, sorry for talking so much, I'm easily carried away when it comes to english and languages. But if you want to know anything else, feel free to ask, I'd be very glad to answer and to talk about it!
      • Oh, that's so cool! I really can't imagine learning English, it's such a weird and inconsistent language. (And then I look at my metaphor-heavy, grammar-bending style of fanfic and feel bad. I probably give English-as-a-second-language speakers such a headache. XD) Do you find the slang hard to understand? Especially online, fandom is another language in itself sometimes.

        Hey, accents are easier to understand when you're used to hearing them, maybe London just doesn't see a lot of French folks. I understood you perfectly well. And this'll be a great community for practicing your English, too! No, really, I think that's so great. :D Becoming fluent in French is on my List Of Stuff To Do Someday, I liked the classes in high school.
  • Awwwwwww my gawwwwwd this was sooooo cute...I´m certain you could hear my squeals over where you are X3 The prononciation was great, as far as I can tell and I think speaking english when your native language is french is much tougher than german... But you really did a great job, the reading pace was very good too... I tend to talk to fast sometimes and it just makes it just harder for everyone...

    Great job, I´m looking forward to more podfics from you <3333
    • *hear squeals* Oh my, that much ?! XD;; Well, I'm really glad that is, it's a real relief for me! I was more expecting "Oh my god this was so awful!" rather than "Oh my god this was so cute"! X3
      Ah, the reading pace, I tend to speak very quickly in french, but I've been said over and over that when I'm narrating something I must take a low talking pace, so in the end, I'm used to it... And when moreover, I'm speaking english, I'm even slower! I was surprised at first by how fast everybody were narrating their podfics! But now I'm used to it, and I find my talking pace too slow now XD

      I've already done two others, I'm waiting for the author's authorization :)
  • Oh wow, that was lovely! Your accent is perfectly understandable and really, really pretty. I love accents like yours. And you read it so well- fit the theme too, your voice did. And hey, read it however you want! I really liked the frenchy version too!

    If there's ever a fic you want doing- yours, someone elses, whatever- just ask.

    <3 Thanks so much!
  • i've been maintaining a podfic archive here and i would really like to mirror and include your recordings. what do you think?
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